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Southwest Coast Path
Southwest Coast Path 1
This morning, the penetrating chill subsides. Warm breezes and soft birdsong take its place. The mildness in the air coaxes us to explore. We walk along the road, down the hill towards Bosigran Farm, and turn onto a footpath that leads to the coast.
An Lysardh
Southward Excursion
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New Year in Cornwall
New Year in Cornwall
In an effort to avoid losing our hard-won vacation time, we booked a year-end holiday in Cornwall to celebrate the New Year, relax at a cozy cottage on the coast, and to recover from a very busy year.
Boxing Day at Rhossili Bay
Boxing Day at Rhossili Bay
We celebrated Christmas in Wales this year. On Boxing Day, we bowed out of the usual festivities to spend the afternoon at Rhossili Bay. It was wonderful to soak up the sunshine and breath in the fresh sea air.
Land’s End Color Study
Land's End Color Study
When I made these photographs of the coastline at Land’s End, I wasn’t entirely aware that I was capturing such a lovely and unique palette of colors.
Ma’alaea Bay
Ma'alaea Bay