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My Favorite Things

Last updated Sunday, August 30th, 2020
My Favorite Things 1

Click the categories below to see some of the websites that I visit for inspiration. The websites I’ve highlighted are the ones I frequent most often at the moment.


Now that I have a real smartphone, I use Instagram more frequently. Check out my feed for images and short videos of the places I’ve explored.

You can find me on instagram ==> right here <==


I occasionally dabble with Pinterest and have created some pinboards for a whole bunch of terrific topics including national parks, road trips, outdoor gear, hiking destinations, trail cuisine, and much more! If you are the outdoorsy pinning type, please stop by to browse the many carefully curated boards I have created for you … and to say Hello!

You can find me on pinterest ==> right here <==


I use Twitter as if it were a little notebook in my pocket. This is where I jot down my thoughts about being outdoors and spending time in nature. I also share links to things that I find interesting: hiking tips, trail guides, natural history notes, and information on the many benefits of outdoor activities.

You can find me on twitter ==> right here <==