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A Change of Plans

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018 in Utah
A Detour to Arches 1

One of the things I find most appealing about road trips is that you can change your plans at any point. When we decided to leave Mexican Hat early, we revised our itinerary to accomodate a quick trip to Arches National Park.

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Phil and I have visited Stowe many times but I was surprised to realize that I’ve never devoted a post to it. It’s a stunning place, a vast landscape garden lovingly restored and maintained by the National Trust.
Canon Beach
Two Storms
Two Storms
I’ve heard that in the moments before a tsunami crashes ashore, the sea rushes away from the beach. I’ve also heard that what you don’t want to do at such a time is follow the sea as it rushes out, because it’s coming back with it a bloody big wave.