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Boulder Fall Fest

Monday, September 21st, 2015 in Colorado
Boulder Fall Fest

Today I went to the Boulder Fall Fest, an annual street festival that features a mix of local foods, microbrews, music, and art. The artists included an assortment of sculptors, jewelry makers, fiber artists, photographers, and painters.

Although not all of the work appealed to me, I made note of a several artists whose work I found interesting. These included fiber artist Deborah Brawley, jewelry artist Anita Gronstedt, and sculptor Sarena Mann.

After I was done looking around the Boulder Fall Fest, I went to NCAR to do some quick sketches of the Flatirons. I soon realized that, indeed, I’m still very rusty at this whole art thing. After my sketching session, I stopped by the small weather museum for a drink of water and while there I stumbled across a wonderful photography exhibit by Kerry Koepping, the founder of the Arctic Arts Project.

A video by Kerry Koepping showing some of the places he’s explored and photographed in the Arctic.

If the above video doesn’t knock your socks off, just take a look at Kerry Koepping’s gallery at 500px. Incredible. This image of some place in Iceland I can neither say nor spell is exquisite. And this image ain’t half-bad either. Tremendously inspiring. By the way, I think I need to visit Iceland at some point.

As for my own artistic talents, well, they remain entirely dormant. I managed to sit myself on a rock and sketch a section of a flatiron for the better part of an hour, but I am not much thrilled with the result. On the other hand, I am pleased that I made the effort, because showing up to practice is half the battle. So they say. And if I need further reassurance, I’ll be sure to read this article.

You can view Kerry Koepping’s work here, here, and here.
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Mesa Trail to Shanahan Ridge
Mesa Trail 1
Today, it topped sixty-five degrees for the first time in two weeks. After a morning of chores, I snuck away for the afternoon for some much-needed trail time. The late start meant I couldn’t drive far to hike, so I went to my favorite nearby standby: the Mesa Trail.
Rabbit Mountain
Rabbit Mountain
Rabbit Mountain has become my default hiking location. If I don’t have time to drive up into the mountains, then I go to the foothills to Rabbit Mountain where I can still get a leg-burner of a hike in a short period of time.
Approaching Sky Pond
Approaching Sky Pond
After two weeks of work-related turmoil, I find myself in desperate need of a break. I take the day off and venture up to the Glacier Gorge area for a day of hiking. It being late June, I expect the trail to be snow covered at higher elevations.