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Sunshine and Snow

Wednesday, January 28th, 2015 in Colorado
Sunshine and Snow

Last week, Phil and I went for a hike in the Lumpy Ridge area. This was our first hike of the New Year and the first time this winter that we ventured out onto proper trails that were covered in snow, even if it was just an inch or two. We had no intention of going on a long hike—our goal was simple: to get outside and enjoy the views. At most, we hiked a mile or two. We didn’t even make it up to Gem Lake. Instead we hiked the loop formed by the Lumpy Ridge Trail and the Needles Trail.

Afterwards, we drove a quick circuit through Rocky Mountain National Park—in through the Fall River Entrance Station, past Sheep Lakes, Horseshoe Park, and Deer Mountain, then out the Beaver Meadows Entrance Station (or in this case Exit Station). It was a special treat to view the park in winter, smartly decorated in some of the whitest snow I’ve ever seen. As the shadows of the trees grew long and the park disappeared in our rear view mirror, we headed over to Ed’s Cantina for a late lunch. When our bellies were full, we drove back home. A quick excursion but so wonderfully refreshing.

Twin Owls, Lumpy Ridge.
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