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Raven Glen Forest Preserve

Monday, September 24th, 2012 in Illinois
Raven Glen Forest Preserve

This past weekend, I was driving south on Route 45 near the Wisconsin border when I noticed a sign for Raven Glen Forest Preserve. I had not visited this forest preserve before so I decided to take a quick look around. Although it was a bit cool for September, it was a gorgeous day. With all the blue skies, puffy white clouds and calm breezes, Chicago was really trying to turn on the autumnal charm. It’s days like this that make it difficult to comprehend why Chicago’s weather has such a bad reputation. Of course, we only get days like this about twice a year.

Raven Glen is by no means the largest forest preserve in the area but what it lacks in hectares it makes up for in rolling hills and scenic views. It took me about 20 minutes to walk the main path. The crowning feature at Raven Glen is the 33 acre Timber Lake, a glacial lake fed by Hastings Creek. The surrounding terrain includes wetlands, small ponds, fields and the occasional oak and hickory grove. Before it was a forest preserve, the northern part of Raven Glen was a campground and the southern part a dairy farm.

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