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Museum Days

Saturday, January 8th, 2011 in Wisconsin
Museum Days

When winter starts to drag on and the cold outside begins to make me feel trapped indoors for too long, I like to venture out to museums and botanic gardens. I find this practice ideal because just when it’s cold and inhospitable outside, I can focus on interesting things like art and archeology and history and blooms in greenhouses.

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Walker Ranch
Walker Ranch
This weekend I made a short, exploratory visit to Walker Ranch, a Boulder County Park that lies amongst the Flatirons along Flagstaff Road. I’m hoping to return in the coming weeks to hike the Walker Ranch Loop Trail.
Far View
Because Mesa Verde is slanted to the south, the proper geological term is cuesta, not mesa. Far View Lodge
London Eye
London Eye 1
It’s been a lovely trip to London and our visit is almost over. One last thing we want to do before heading home is to take a spin on the London Eye. To avoid the daytime crowds, we schedule our ride for half-past eight Sunday evening.