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Museum Days

Saturday, January 8th, 2011 in Wisconsin
Museum Days

When winter starts to drag on and the cold outside begins to make me feel trapped indoors for too long, I like to venture out to museums and botanic gardens. I find this practice ideal because just when it’s cold and inhospitable outside, I can focus on interesting things like art and archeology and history and blooms in greenhouses.

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Mesa Trail to Shanahan Ridge
Mesa Trail 1
Today, it topped sixty-five degrees for the first time in two weeks. After a morning of chores, I snuck away for the afternoon for some much-needed trail time. The late start meant I couldn’t drive far to hike, so I went to my favorite nearby standby: the Mesa Trail.
Walker Ranch
Walker Ranch
This weekend I made a short, exploratory visit to Walker Ranch, a Boulder County Park that lies amongst the Flatirons along Flagstaff Road. I’m hoping to return in the coming weeks to hike the Walker Ranch Loop Trail.
Settling In
I am in my new home and trying to settle in as quickly as possible after what turned out to be a tremenduosly stressful move involving a cranky buyer, creepy lawyer, and slippery real estate agent.