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Devil’s Garden

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010 in Utah
Devil's Garden

By the time we reached Devil’s Garden we were pretty much exhausted. We wondered if we had the energy for another hike. We inspected the map to determine what was out there.

“More redrocks and arches? Whatever.”

It’s chilling how blasé you can get about one of the world’s most unique landscapes simply because you’ve peed in one too many pit toilets that day.

Fortunately, despite our exhaustion, we did hike into Devil’s Garden. Turns out, there’s a lot of trail in that area. And—as names on maps imply—there also must be a lot of arches out there too.

In the end, although we hiked into Devil’s Garden we didn’t hike far. We didn’t make it to Landscape Arch or Navajo Arch or Double-O-Arch. But it’s nice to know that those quirky rock formations are out there waiting for us. It’s nice to know that the next time we visit Arches we still have more sights to see. The next time we visit Arches, Devil’s Garden will be our starting point.

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This caliber of cold takes some getting used to. I thought I would ease myself into it by going for a short ten-minute walk to get acclimated to the arctic air.
Lincoln Home National Historic Site
Lincoln Home National Historic Site
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Peacock Pool
Peacock Pool
OK, so this is a good one. I had intended to call this post Chasm Lake but I must keep myself honest and call it instead Peacock Pool because at no point during my hike today did I ever actually make it to Chasm Lake.