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Gurnard’s Head

Sunday, March 15th, 2009 in Cornwall
Gurnard's Head

I don’t normally get all weak at the knees when hiking along the edge of a steep drop-off. But pretty much all the high-wire hiking I’ve done in the past was relegated to the mountains, where steep slopes offer downcast views of distant rock and miniature trees. Here, the cliff bottoms out in a chaos of churning seas. White water writhes and crashes against black rock. The bottom is close, in turmoil, and terribly hostile. Perhaps the unfamiliarity of the view is what unnerves me most at the edge of this seaside cliff.

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Crossing Wyoming
Crossing Wyoming 1
I didn’t think it was going to be a big deal. I thought crossing Wyoming would be a cinch. Just a bit of straight-line driving. What I didn’t count on were the blinding skies, the car-jerking winds and the absolute, sheer, awesome hugeness of the place.
Low Altitude Flight
Low Altitude Flight
I’ve not blogged for a while so let me quickly summarize the past several months. In June, I put my house on the market, received an offer after a few weeks, and closed at the end of July.
January Then
January Then
Just ten short days ago I thought autumn would last until March and that (further deluding myself) a mild-tempered March would give way to a sudden burst of vernal warmth.