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The Art of Moving On

Thursday, March 20th, 2003 in Illinois
The Art of Moving On
Lifeguard station at Greenwood Street Beach in Evanston.

Today, I put my one-bedroom condo in south Evanston up for sale. This is the first home I’ve owned, which means it’s the first home I aim to sell. The prospect of moving unnerves me but I’ve been considering moving away from Evanston for a while now. Although I love many things about this town, the list of daily annoyances with the place has grown tiresome and long. Deep down, I know that things no longer work for me here. The time has come for me to find a new place to call home.

At the moment, I’ve set my sights on a small house in the suburbs, close to where I grew up. If all works out, I’ll be near family, old friends, and familiar streets. The neighborhood is quiet and calm, with plenty of trees and ample parking. I’ll have a slightly larger home and it won’t be attached to anyone else. After being displaced from my condo for months because of a fire and (soon after) a flood—both events caused by the negligence of my upstairs neighbor—owning a detached dwelling is of utmost importance. I’ll also have a nice little yard—an outdoor refuge all my own. All of this offers me much-needed change, I think.

Many steps lie ahead of me before I land myself in a new abode, but I am taking things slowly and making the best decisions possible. Time will tell if I’m doing the right thing. For now, I look forward to moving on. And until I go, I’ll use this transitional period to enjoy the many upsides of Evanston, while I’m still a local.

Greenwood Street Beach, Evanston, IL
Rickety fence at Greenwood Street Beach in Evanston.
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Phil and I have visited Stowe many times but I was surprised to realize that I’ve never devoted a post to it. It’s a stunning place, a vast landscape garden lovingly restored and maintained by the National Trust.
Old School Forest Preserve
Old School Forest Preserve
It’s been a real treat to be able to bike outside for so long this fall. I mean, it’s December for crying out loud and I can still ride the 12-mile loop to Old School Forest Preserve and back without risking frostbite or snowblindness.
Balanced Rock
Balanced Rock 1
There’s a path around Balanced Rock that is all fine and dandy when you’re on the one side, which I shall here refer to as the Sunny, Balanced Side. Simply put, Sunny, Balanced Side is the side toward which the rock isn’t leaning.